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Adams Security is a locally owned security company out of Tulsa Oklahoma with numerous years of experience providing a wide variety of security services. We provide experienced guards for armed and unarmed on-site security, armed patrol services and bodyguard services for local and national celebrities or VIPs.

We are also experienced in providing special event security for large gatherings such as private parties, concerts, weddings, sporting events and movie openings. Adams Security has a positive reputation for working with national companies to provide local services as well as working directly with individual business owners.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure we meet your specific security needs.

Armed/unarmed on-site security: commercial, personal, residential.

Patrol services: commercial, personal, residential, currency/asset transport.

Special events: private parties, concerts, weddings, sporting events, movie openings, book signings etc...

Personal Bodyguard Services for select clientele


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